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Cute, sexy, dork, shy, troller, forever maknae , dancing machine,great singer.. TaeMAN! #Happy22thbirthday!
Keep shining, dancing, smiling, singing as always We love you oppa!
f(x) Sulli misses performance on M! Countdown and Music Bank due to flu



f(x) has been busy with their recent comeback and promotion activities for “Red Light.” Unfortunately, Sulli has come down with a flu and has missed performances on M! Countdown and Music Bank episodes for this week.

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countdown to taemday 2014
happy birthday, taemin ♥

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TAEMIN : A is for Adorkable → simply adorable but in the utmost dorky way~

#Happy Taemin Day

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Happy Taemin Day4/4. 22 years of love and fun.

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Blue night radio 14 / 07 / 18
Jonghyun: After radio yesterday, I went with Minho and a friend to watch a movie. Then I went home and felt very lonely. Then I talked to the little dog. I slept really late in the morning and went to work shortly after waking up.
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Xiumin + new official goods