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How to look like this (or girls like her)

Actually it’s very easy to become a ‘lenglui’ like these girls. If I’m a girl I also know how to do. Here are the TOP 10 tools you need:

1) Salon hairdo (to make your hair look fabulous)

2) ‘Big-eye’ contact lenses (to make your eyes look bigger than they are)

3) Makeup and fake eyelashes(especially eyes, to make them look even bigger)

4) Learn how to make faces. (especially the blur-look, pouty look, sultry look)

5) Learn how to pose, sexy pose, innocent pose, cute pose, etc.

6) Don’t bare skins in all photos, but when you bare, make it a point.

7) Asians with cleavages are rare, so bare cleavages. Use padded bra/Nubra if possible and make the cleavage as attractive as possible. Baring legs are good, but cleavages win.

8) Use PROFESSIONAL DSLR CAMERA to take photos, preferably by a good photographer or learn yourself. The quality is A LOT BETTER than conventional digital cameras. Learn which angle takes your best shots.

9) LEARN PHOTOSHOP. There are no magazine/online models that aren’t touched up by Photoshop.

10) Get a rich guy (sugar daddy) to sponsor everything, or pretend you’re rich (at least when you’re taking the photos). Sit in a nice car for background, wear nice clothes, and designer handbags. Go travel and visit lots of places, take photos and make funny faces.

Note: These 10 rules only apply to ordinary girls with average body and average skin type. If you’re fat or have bad skin condition, you will need to do everything it takes to get thinner and flawless fair skin.

So if you’ve applied everything I said above, you also can apply to appear in this blog! There are no ugly girls! Only lazy girls!

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